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Plan your trip around work

Our interactive jobs map of Australia makes it easy to visualise and plan your travels around work, all year round.

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Save yourself time and energy. You can search, apply and accept work all from one easy to use platform.

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Job comparability

View standardised position information making it easy to find work that meets your personal, travel and financial requirements.

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Job transparency

All positions outline comprehensive work and payment information so you can make an informed decision when applying.

Finding Work On Tree

How it works

Your profile is a digital resume, the more work you put into it the more valuable you become to employers both on and off the farm.

Step 1

Create a Profile

Create a detailed profile (resume) that will impress potential employers. Once completed you can apply for positions with the press of a button.

Our marketplace shows positions available throughout the year, giving you the freedom to secure work wherever your travels take you.

Filter jobs based on their location, category, start date, employer type, wage and more, to find the work that suits your skill set and travel plans.

Step 2

Apply for Work

Use our interactive job map to find work and plan out your working holiday. Apply for positions currently hiring or save future positions and be notified when you can apply.

Don’t worry about forgetting what you’ve applied for, you can easily review your applications at a glance and keep informed on your application status of multiple jobs.

Step 3

Keep Track of Your Applications

View the status of the applications you submit to stay informed and up to date on your work opportunities.

Share your job with a friend or find a mate in our community to join your adventure. This is an opportunity to forge lifelong friendships with people from all over the world. Explore together like never before.

Step 4

Share Your Adventure

Tell your friends and/or find some mates to travel with! (Make sure you follow current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions).

Join our community, find people to travel, share and work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to use tree?

No. It’s free! Why should you have to pay to find work...

How do I find appropriate accommodation and/or transport?

All positions on tree include information about accommodation and transport options, speak with your employer about the best available options or ask our community for their ideas

Can I apply for work outside of Australia?

Currently no due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. However you can save positions and apply upon arriving into the country.